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Are you out of ideas for your corporate team-building event? Look no further; Funtopia is the place where your company will find its team spirit. Need a place for your employees’ little ones to spend a great afternoon? Funtopia is just about the perfect spot – it’s not simply about fun, its also team-play and education.

Far from being the mainstream choice for a corporate event Funtopia offers great programs and team-building activities as well as an alternative spot for your corporate event. Our staff is experienced in providing the best of service to both little and grown-up clients. We have many ways of working with small or large groups and have devised numerous games and role-play scenarios in order to improve on those vital communication skills.

And if you are looking for a great spot for the most important people in your company – the employees’ kids – this is THE spot. Kids can spend hours Funtopia and will leave wanting to come back. More importantly these these are meaningful hours – full of sport, education and team-work, not just about eating snacks and going on various rides.

If you are interested in what we can do for your company events – please, give us a call and you will receive many great ideas depending on your custom needs!

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