Funtopia Courtyard features over 50 individual climbing elements and activities that will surely stretch the imagination. Climb a tall dinosaur, giraffe, castle, spider wall, and race your friends on the speed-climbing wall! Try your flexibility on the rope… Explore the hidden world in the Magic Maze!
The typical session takes one hour but please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled or desired time as you will need time to complete our facility waiver (can be completed online here prior to arrival) harnessing and safety briefing.
Come to enjoy the FUNBELIEVABLE experience and decide for yourself which of our attractions is your favourite:

Fun Climb (requirements – minimum 20 kilograms of weight, closed toe shoes)
Fun Walls are interactive climbing walls that engage both children and adults in the fun of climbing. Colorful and dynamic, they challenge participants in a world of climbable medieval castles, labyrinths, beanstalks, dark chimneys and many more. There are very few sports that are as complex as climbing, training every muscle in your body along with flexibility, and the ability to think two steps ahead. Climbing develops a sense of balance, precision and courage, but the best part of it is that it comes naturally to everyone. The team behind Fun Walls combined these benefits with the growth of the climbing scene worldwide, and designed a series of interactive challenges. They have created an amusement attraction that embraces active entertainment and attracts a very wide public by not requiring any special skills or training.


Jungle ropes (requirements – 54 inches tall, closed toe shoes)

Rope Course challenge and help improve the strength, endurance, coordination, agility and balance of teenagers and young adults. They are a fun activity that allows participants to train, compete and unwind in a safe environment. Rope Courses can be combined with trampolines and climbing walls. The designs turn physical activities into a fun learning experience by challenging flexibility, balance and physical strength. Rope courses offer a wide range of difficulty levels appropriate for ages 5 and up.


Magic maze (requirements – 1-8 years of age, socks required)

The Funtopia soft play area is primarily for toddlers or children ages up to 8. Get lost in the obstacle area, jam out in the ball jam room. You can explore, tackle the obstacles, slide down a level or find your way around the maze.