Funtopia is the place for the small ones to explore new heights in a social environment. It is a playground that produces laughter and funny moments, provokes games and competition.

Funtopia would put the kids in a world of adventure specially designed to put a smile on their faces.

Climbing gym for kids in Surrey or simply climbing for kids in Surrey has become an option for fun with Funtopia family entertainment center around.
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We bet you wouldn’t miss climbing up a dinosaur’s skeleton when you were 6 or 7 … heck, you would probably do it right now. Come and try – climbing for kids! Funtopia is meant for kids aged 5 or more and in our book everybody is a kid.

Funtopia literally means “fun world” – a place for FunBelievable adventures to happen. Kids here can climb and play on their own or with their buddies. Our staff always provides great care and everybody at Funtopia gets to have a great time.

The rides present medium to high-difficulty obstacles for people of all sizes and ages. All of them are designed with fun in mind and are themed accordingly.

Funtopia is one of the wonderful places for kids in Surrey.

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