1. INTERNATIONAL BRAND Funtopia family entertainment centers are now available on four continents and their international success proves that our focus on making children and parents happy is the right one. Funtopia is designed for all ages to be able to interact with climbing though different types of games and stimulating activities. It is our belief that the experience at Funtopia for each visitor is enhanced thanks to our experience and interaction with different cultures.


2. ACTIVE LIFESTYLE Our team at Funtopia, strongly believes that staying fit and healthy is important for having a high quality of life. Funtopia is dedicated to providing a healthy environment where children and adults have fun and and enjoy their time playing indoor sports. Climbing, stretching and jumping are only the beginning. Our ropes course challenges balance, flexibility and strength, showing an entirely new perspective to children. This improves cardio-vascular activity, hand-eye coordination and helps straighten out the posture of youngsters. What is more, children learn to interact better with others which improves their social skills. At the same time children have a chance to build on their personal achievements and build up their confidence. The challenges are an amazing opportunity for overcoming fear and anxiety. Our philosophy is that promoting a health lifestyle in children helps them build the habit of being physically active for life. The experience we offer for our Birthday events always includes this social element that helps children bond and have a truly funbelievable adventure at Funtopia.


3. SAFE ENVIRONMENT All of the attraction are internationally certified to the highest safety standards which ensures maximum safety. Our staff is trained and dedicated to providing great care to all participants in order for everybody at Funtopia to have a fun time. We have auto belays that help children to climb on their own but under direct supervision of the staff members. Before climbing, staff will show each visitor a brief safety video and then facilitate the fun activities for them.