Funtopia Offers Entertainment for the Whole Family

Rock climbing isn't for the faint of heart. For those who want to try out this otherwise risky sport - without the risk - there's a solution that combines otherwise hazardous activities into a family-friendly, fun experience for everyone. When it comes to the family entertainment Glenview has to offer, it's almost impossible to [...]

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Temporary closure

Dear Friends, As a community we need to slow down the rate at which people get sick so we don't overburden our health care system. Please consider additional actions to reduce your participation in social distance levels in the near future. After much consideration, and in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) caused pandemic and [...]

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Physical Activity Is Important Everyone — But Especially for Child Development

When you think about ‘health,’ what comes to mind? Do you consider its multiple layers and the unfathomably complex relationship between physical health and mental and emotional health? These elements of a human being’s health are interdependent and interrelated in all people from the time they are born. Physical activity is a key building [...]

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Why Should Kids Be Involved in Physical Activities?

In today’s fast-paced, digitally connected world, it is vitally important to limit the time children spend sitting in front of screens. Instead, they should be encouraged to involve themselves in a variety of physical activities. A physically active youth lays the foundation for healthy adult life. It allows the child’s body and mind to [...]

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Funtopia in Glenview, IL

Family entertainment is easy to find in Glenview, IL. Whether it is birthday parties, educational experiences, or activities for teens, parents in the area can find what they are looking for at Funtopia. Additionally, parents that struggle with keeping their children busy and constructive during school holidays will be relieved to learn about the [...]

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“Glenview’s Funtopia is a kids’ paradise”

By Read the original article here. "Close your eyes and picture a kid’s ideal place to play. Does it have places to climb? Spots to jump without getting hurt? Slides? Caves? A rope course? If your kid’s utopia includes any – or all – of those things, it’s a safe bet they’re going [...]

“Glenview’s Funtopia is a kids’ paradise”2020-01-27T16:19:32+00:00
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