Funtopia Glenview offers more than 40 interactive Fun Walls and an Intricate Ropes Course specifically designed to be accessible but at the same time challenging to participants of all skill levels. Younger climbers will have a blast climbing on a giant Dinosaur skeleton or a magic Beanstalk while more advanced climbers can enjoy competing on speed walls or experience thrills of real rock climbing on Rocktopia Granite wall.

Our facility displays also plenty of other climbing obstacles, such as Commando Ladder, Spider Web, Skyscraper Walk – to name but a few – that offer different perspective and diverse challenges to the fun-climbing experience. What is more, when climbing Fun walls, you are also, building strength, improving balance and posture, developing hand and eye coordination and reinforcing your problem-solving skills.

The Ropes Course, with lots of variably challenging obstacles along the way, is another great attraction that is not only extremely fun but also very beneficial for building and maintaining good physical shape. Appropriate for participant of all skill levels, the only requirement is to be taller than 52” inch.