Innovative. Safe. Fun.

Safety is our number one priority. We take great pride in ensuring only the highest standards of safety for Funtopia visitors and employees.

From our self belay system to our flooring, we select only the safest equipment and make safety the greatest importance in the training of our staff.

Safety Features

Expert Staff & Training

All sessions at Funtopia start with a mandatory safety briefing video. Our friendly staff is highly trained to ensure irreproachable safety  at all times. The Funtopia personnel will also provide you with any assistance or answer any questions you might have.

Innovative Climbing System

Our Self Belay is an example of the innovative equipment that we feature in our facility. The Self Belay guarantees completely safe climbing by allowing users to climb only when they are properly attached to the device.

Our interactive fun walls also feature a self-descending system, which is engineered to provide the smoothest and safest lowering down.

One More Life Matting

Funtopia is equipped with One More Life Matting systems which are featured in Olympic and professional sporting arenas in the USA and around the world.

 Fun-Zone Safety Rules

1. Watching the Safety instructions video is mandatory.

2. For children under the age of 16, presence of a parent or legal guardian in the facility is mandatory. You must be 18 years old in order to sign a waiver.

3. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for their children’s behavior in the facility.

4. It is recommended for each parent/legal guardian to explain the rules of Funtopia to his/her child in advance.

5. No  food or beverages  inside the Fun Zone.

6. Height/weight restrictions for Funtopia attractions:

Interactive climbing walls: min weight: 35 lbs. max. weight: 350lbs

Ropes Course: min weight: 35 lbs. max weight: 350lbs, min. height: 52″

7. Long hair must be tied.

8. Only Funtopia equipment is allowed on the premises.

9. It is recommended not to wear skirts; dresses or baggy clothes while using attractions. Sporty/athletic clothing is recommended.

10.  No high heels and no open-toe shoes of any kind while using attractions. Sporty/athletic footwear is recommended.

11. No running in the facility.

12. No Jewelry, watches, phones, coins, and key chains in the pockets when using the facilities. If you need to store personal belongings, individual lockers are available on the premises.

Jungle Gym Safety Rules

1. Recommended age: 0-8 years old

2. Parents or legal guardians must supervise their children at all times. Funtopia is not responsible for any injuries or any lost items.

3. Children must wear socks at all times. Shoes, slippers or bare feet are not allowed.

Caving System Safety Rules

1. Minimum recommended age: 5 years old

2. Children must wear helmets and knee pads provided by Funtopia when using the Caving System.


For your safety, security cameras are installed around the facility. Funtopia employees have the right and will proceed to remove children and/or adults from the facility in case of a breach or disregard of the safety rules.