Not your average STEAM program

At Funtopia, we believe that being active, both physically and mentally, is the main ingredient to a healthy and happy life. For this reason, we have designed a STEAM program which stimulates minds and muscles at the same time. The program incorporates multiple Funtopia attractions and allows kids to experiment what they learned through fun and play. We bring the entertainment into the equation of STEAM education.

Funtopia Active STEAM Program teaches children how their bodies and the surrounding world affect their physical activities. It also shows kids how they can improve their physical skills by being aware of those challenges. The Funtopia STEAM Program is a fantastic setting for your children to develop and thrive.

Wait, what is STEAM again? Steam is and acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. These subjects are the ones on which future workforce will strongly rely on. The program is organized within 6-week semester with sessions twice a week. The sessions are divided into half theory and half practice. The kids will be organized in small groups allowing them to better focus and communicate with instructors and each other.

Funtopia Balancing Act

Have you ever wondered why it seems more difficult to walk with a backpack over your head vs on your back? Why is it hard to tip over some cups while others seem to spill all the time? How does a tightrope walker keep their balance? Let’s explore the Center of Mass and Center of Gravity.

Funtopia Trapeze Energy

Today we will test our understanding of energy in motion as we explore Circus Science, the pendulum and Trapeze Energy.

Funtopia Hang Time STEM

We all know that what goes up must come down. Some athletes, like Michael Jordan, defy gravity with exceptional hang time. How?

Funtopia Code the Search

Let’s encode, decode, transmit, receive and store messages in our rescue mission scenario, using a code sheet and flashlight to Code the Search!

Funtopia Climbing Forces Tug of War

Climbing is a tug of war between the forces of gravity and friction. You have probably noticed that a climber can muscle up the wall but they will quickly get tired. Let’s talk about how we can use the forces of friction, gravity and friction gear.

Funtopia Forces of Flight

Explore the forces that keep gliders, planes and even frisbees in flight. Let’s apply what we have learned to launch a hoop glider.

Weird But True

Let’s explore chemical interactions and the results they produce using readily available ingredients in your kitchen. Weird But True!


Let’s explore rockets and the forces that propel them into space with 2 rocket model activities. We will also take a peek at exciting rocket projects.

Theme Park

Let’s explore the energy and engineering of the roller coaster and apply what we learn to test a coaster of our design.

Seismic Shake

Earthquake! Explore how seismic activity and earthquakes impact building design. Build a Tsunami model to demonstrate the origin and power of these huge waves.

Rube Goldberg Machine

In this engineering design challenge let’s explore simple machines, compound machines, energy transfers and Rube Goldberg Machines.

Funtopia Parkour Steam

Let’s explore the STEAM and physics of Parkour movement. Parkour leaps, jumps, rolls and runs follow the rules of physics and Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion.

Funtopia Code the Hunt

We all love a secret code. Let’s be a STEM Sleuth and take it to the next level solving a mystery using STEM.

Funtopia Amazing Hand

How does your hand move and do work? It is an amazing machine! Let’s learn and make a model of our robotic hand.

Funtopia Coaster STEAM

Let’s explore the energy and engineering of the roller coaster and apply what we learn to test a coaster of our design.