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Funtopia is made for all ages to climb, jump or crawl through different types of challenges and activities that will stimulate their imagination instead of just climbing up a wall. Kids get to climb up the Giraffe, conquer the Castle, come close to the Dinosaur and many more. They get to race each other on a speed climbing and climb challenges with interactive holds that disappear if they are not quick enough. Funtopia gets kids involved in various activities that stimulate their minds and physique. They can show their wits and knowledge by progressing through challenges that require them to answer questions.

Funtopia runs in hour sessions where staff members work with the kids clipping them to an auto-belaying system that allow the young climbers to have fun without the aid of a parent or another climber. The auto-belays are there to help the kids climb on their own but still they are under direct supervision of the staff members at all times.

Funtopia loves big families so we have discounts for large groups that you can check out here.