What are the opening hours?

You may visit us every day from 10 am til 10pm. However, the last Funtopia group enters at 8:45 pm.

How old should my kid be?

Funtopia welcomes everyone from 4 till 50+.

Is there a requirement for type of shoes?

No, you just have to ensure your child comfortable sport shoes. Note that entering the Funtopia with high heels is not allowed.

Are there weight regulations in relation to the belay system?

Yes, we have minimum required weight of 15 kg and maximum of 150 kg.

What happens if my child got scared of the heights?

You have nothing to worry about! Our experienced Funtopia instructors and supervisors take care of every child in the center and make sure everyone feels comfortable.

How to celebrate birthday with us?

It is advisable that you look at the birthday schedule and to make sure that your desired session is free. Then you can just make a reservation or contact us for more information. Pricing information can be found in section Information / Prices on the web-site.

What does the gift voucher include?

The gift voucher is at a value chosen by you and can be used for paying the Funtopia entrance fee and consumption at Climbar.