Funtopia Lehi is made for all ages to be able to interact with the climbing though different types of games, activities and things that will stress the imagination instead of climbing up the wall and getting to the top of the wall. The kids are going to climb a Giraffe, Castle, and Dinosaur, they get to climb up a tower and jump off of it. Kids can also race each other on speed climbing and climb elements such as “disappearing holds”. Funtopia gets kids involved in different types of mental activities that make them look a little bit more excitement for them. Kids can play a game where they can answer questions and holds pop up as they climb all the way up.

Funtopia is the best climbing center for indoor sports and indoor amusement in Salt Lake City area and Lehi in particular. Funtopia Lehi runs in hour sessions where staff members work with the kids clipping them to an auto belaying systems that allow the kids to climb without an additional parent or another climber to help with their safety. The auto belays are there just to help the kids to climb on their own but there is under direct supervision of the staff members. Before climbing staff will show them brief safety video and then facilitate the fun activities for them.
At Funtopia there are group rates for large families that come in.