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Funtopia is the place to visit with your family, full of ideas for weekend activities, if you are living in Lehi or Salt Lake City. Our facility has various rides suitable for all ages and offers a great way to spend a couple of quality hours with your kids. The team-oriented games will really make for a meaningful experience as they encourage team-play and improve communication. By partaking in the wonderful exploration of play at Funtopia Lehi, you will be sharing tons of laughs with your kids. You will have the opportunity to really be there for them by motivating them to work as a team, and your kids will have the benefit of trying something new alongside their parents. It is also a great way for your kids to show you that they can be as good as mom and dad, so don’t shy away!

The Funtopia experience is immersive,so you will be motivated to keep doing this together – every time you will see progress you have made together with your kids. It is a wonderful thing to have a common hobby or sport with them and it will add a little more friendship to the parent-kids dynamic. Think of it as teaching your children how to ride a bike – it is a mutual process and helps build up trust.

Our team is full of ideas and will always create an unforgettable weekend experience with countless climbing activities.