Funtopia was created as we strongly believe that staying fit and healthy is important. Funtopia was designed to be both good for your body and fun!

Climb, explore, jump and slide in an environment that’s both challenging and fun. There’s a vast amount of scientific data that suggests how good climbing is for your health. Climbing can improve hand-eye coordination, it’s an excellent cardio-vascular activity and it can help with posture.

Climbing and jumping are also great ways of overcoming fears and anxieties. Our environment provides a safe way to find your current limits and push them further and further (with a team cheering you on!).

Funtopia is also a place where teams are formed naturally. The challenges help our visitors work together towards self-improvement. There’s a magic to this whole process which we like to call the FunBelievable phenomenon. If you want to understand what we are all about, book a session and come check us out.