We say education and fun can go hand in hand! We offer easy to organise and great value for money activities for both school holiday programs and school excursions. Our range and level of activities will keep kids of all ages smiling. 

Our venue is designed to: 

  • Get kids active
  • Help coach self-development
  • Develop social skills through interaction and team building activities
  • Enhance balance, flexibility, co-ordination and physical strength

Our team is experienced in working with kids of all ages and are determined to really help kids improve their skills, knowledge and confidence.

We look forwarding to hosting your school excursion or school holiday program.


Ages 1+

Playground Pass $16pp / all day

  • Dedicated Funtopia host (2 hrs)
  • Funtopian Footwear to keep
  • Unlimited day pass to Playground World
  • Private bag storage
  • You set the time limit. You can stay all day and play!

Play and Learn Pack $24pp / all day

  • Private Funtopia host (2 hours)
  • All-day pass to Playground World
  • Funtopian Footwear to keep
  • Private room for 1hr and 45 minutes
  • 45 minute workshop of your choice:
    • Craft Creations: Create a masterpiece and show off your artistic skills at this workshop. OR
    • Creative Chefs: All budding chefs will love this workshop. It’s a class creating tomorrow’s chefs!
    • All workshops are customised to suit the ages and skill levels of our groups.


Ages 4 – 84

Climb The Walls Pack $16pp / 1.5hrs

  • Dedicated Funtopia host
  • One hour of climbing plus a 15 minute safety briefing
  • Private room for bag storage

Climbing Chefs Pack $24pp / 2hrs

Not only will you climb the walls, you’ll also learn about food and perhaps create the next featured item on the Mr Spriggins menu!

  • Dedicated Funtopia private host
  • One hour of climbing plus a 15 minute safety briefing
  • 30 minute workshop with Mr Spriggins’ chef. Learn all about food, where it comes from and food preparation techniques. You’ll even get the opportunity to create something special! Perhaps your creation will be featured on the menu.
  • Private workshop room
    All workshops are tailored to suit the appropriate age and class level of our group.

Thanks! We appreciate the time you spend.

All teachers and group coordinators will receive a specialty coffee from Mr Spriggins on arrival and will have a full view of the entire venue from the café. Teachers and group coordinators can sit back and relax or join in on the fun at no charge (if they’re brave enough)!

It’s FUNbelievably safe!

Our walls feature a self-descending system, which will catch you if you fall and bring you back to Earth gently. No climbing buddy is needed! Funtopia is also the only climbing system in the world to use One More Life matting, which covers the floor of the entire climbing arena. This matting is designed to absorb falls of up to 12 metres height and to save lives. Learn more about safety here.


Click here to download our brochure with all the details!


Give us a call on 9317 0413 to discuss your school holiday program or school excursion. We can also customise your excursion to suit your objectives, budget and group needs. 10% deposit is payable at the time of booking.