Dear Friends,
As a community we need to slow down the rate at which people get sick so we don’t overburden our health care system.
Please consider additional actions to reduce your participation in social distance levels in the near future.

After much consideration, and in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) caused pandemic and primarily for the good of our local communities, Funtopia will be closed to the public tomorrow, Sunday, March 15 through March 27.
Our community is the heart of who we are and the well-being of our members, guests, and staff and their families are at the top of our minds.

We know that this situation may be frustrating and confusing, and we share those emotions alongside our community members. This is an unprecedented global and national situation where much feels out of our control, however, we know that what is in our control is taking action and not standing idly by. In an attempt to remain a bastion of wellness, numerous partial-operation alternatives were considered, but with such fluid information made available, we feel that a full-closure is the best decision we are able to make. We are not public health experts, and therefore we are not equipped to assess this situation as it progresses, so we are choosing to join other leaders and institutions and take the most responsible road ahead of us.

Members: Prepaid will have their expiry dates extended by the number of days the locations remain closed.

Other programs , birthday parties and events:
This is an incredibly scary time for small businesses too, so our default option is to credit you. However if your financial situation requires full repayment just let us know, we will accommodate you.

STEAM lessons and Training programs: All classes postponed until further notice. Accounts will be credited corresponding to the lost sessions.
March Break Day Camp: Camp is cancelled. Customers will be credited for payments received, which can be used for services once we re-open.
Other Events: All visits for school groups, church groups, and other events are cancelled until further notice. Customers will be credited for payments received, which can be used for services once we re-open.

The future is clearly unpredictable, but as this progresses and as we learn more information, we will share our plans for reopening our doors to the public.
We know the strength of the Funtopia community will carry us through this challenge and thank you for your patience and support.
We look forward to be able to see you again as soon as possible.

Funtopia Management